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Relentless by Zekiforever999
A finished picture of a marvel-ish superhero. It took me about 4 hours to do with manga studio 5. I'm quite proud of it! Enjoy : ) 
You didn’t notice he had brought you back into the room until he sat you down on the bed. Every damned room in that place looked the same, it was hard to tell a hallway from a room in the dark. He stopped singing and looked down at you.

“I have something for you, come now, let’s get you out of that dress. Turn around.” He motioned with his wrist in a circular motion. You turned around so your back faced him and sat on your legs. He pulled down the zipper and exposed your almost bare back. He made something that sounded like an approving moan.

“Quite a beautiful body.” His hand grazed down to the small of your back causing you to shiver. Everything about this guy was intense.

“Don’t tease me.” You whispered and looked back at him,

“It won’t be a tease for long.” He leaned forward for what you thought would be a kiss, but instead was just him pulling the dress over your shoulders. You heard his footsteps move away and come back again, and he told you softly he had something for you. You turned and found he had brought you a tiny box with something inside.

“I made it while you were sleeping.”
It was a tiny nightgown that looked to be just your size. It was blue with no signs of blood on it, but had definitely been made via Eddie. There were stitch marks on it, but that really only showed that it was made with love.

“It’s beautiful.” You smiled at him, and pulled it over yourself, trying to please him. You distinctly recalled him becoming angry at any sign of disaproval, so you tried your best to be kind.

“I just didn’t want you feeling anything but modest before we are…” He began

“Married.” You finished his sentence. He nodded happily, as if finally someone understood. If only it didn’t take nearly lethal measurements of drugs and a delusional girl to accompany his fantasy.  

“We have a big day tomorrow.” He nudged you over trying to make space to lay beside you. There was more than enough room as you were tiny-- even in comparison to the twin bed you were sharing.
You turned to him and closed your eyes. Never before had anyone pressed you so hard against their chest. He could’ve snapped you if he felt like it, but the thought didn’t bring fear to you, it merely was something you understood.

You didn’t hear a goodnight before sleep took you again.

When you awoke Eddie was buzzing about you busily. He was moving so quickly it seemed he was a haze, and if the sedatives hadn’t started to wear off, you might’ve thought he was just a dream.
You sat up and pulled the covers around you, which seemed to be the only things in this room that really weren’t covered in blood. Eddie’s pillow showed some where he had laid the infected side of his face, but that was all. You brought the end of the blankets up to your nose and inhaled, enjoying the nostalgia.

“Eddie…” You looked over at him. He seemed to not notice you as he hurried about. Your brain was finally starting to gage what was happening around you. Drugged...Watching murder….Marriage...Childbearing. You scooted back into the wall beside the bed and let the reality set it. Yes, of course you wanted to run. But where? How would you get out? Making it to the bathroom was difficult by itself, let alone getting out of...This asylum.

You looked out the window and found you must’ve been slightly underground. The windows almost touched the ceiling and only let in minimal light, it made you slightly uneasy.

The nightgown you were wearing brought back memories of the night before making you flush red. How drowsy had you been to let that man undress you? You shuddered at the thought and watched as he continued to scurry about. Maybe you could just slip away? But again, it would be almost impossible….And perhaps the safest place was with him for the time being?

“Ah you’re awake.” He walked over to you, “How are you feeling?” He asked walking over to you, looking at you expectantly.

“Kinda hungry I guess.” You answered honestly. Eddie nodded and handed you something--an apple as green as grass.

“I thought you would like it, I’ve never been a fruit person.” He smiled at you. You took it and stared at its green skin, wondering where he had found it. It wasn’t like this place was crawling with fresh produce, or fresh anything other than blood. You took it.

“Thank you” You moved off of the bed and walked to a window. It was brighter now than you had remembered. There was dust floating around the both of you, covering certain corners of the room. In curiosity, you walked over to the other side of his living quarters and examined the lone bookshelf that had books askew on the floor. You began picking them up and reading some of the backs. To Kill A Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, The Holy Bible. Most of the options seemed decent, although there were a few dry looking medical books on the floor.

“You like to read?” A voice was loud behind you. You jumped at it, not realizing Eddie was right there.

“Yes.” You clutched at one of them and opened to page thirty three. He loomed over you for a moment and watched as you skimmed over Shel Silverstein’s ‘A Light In The Attic’.

“Go put your dress on.” His hand slowly massaged your lower hip. You shivered involuntarily and turned to him, allowing yourself to be free from his touch.

“Y-yes….Of course.” You set the books down and looked down at the apple in your left hand.You brought it to your lips as you walked, and you hesitated to bite it. The Mannequin that held your dress was in front of you, staring at you. It was a terrifying thing to see.
You bit the apple and chewed its sour skin, enjoying its taste hoping that it would make the wedding an easier idea to swallow. It didn’t.

There was nothing you could do other than wish for the sedatives again. You wished to be taken under by the waves of near unconsciousness, to just forget whatever hell this was, whatever you had walked into so many nights ago. Where were you? You didn’t know, really, and truly did not want to find out.

You set the apple down and pulled off the thin nightgown setting it on a table beside you. Trying to ignore the way Eddie was looking at you, you turned around and pulled the dress off the mannequin and over yourself.
After some hardcore struggling and wiggling into the damn thing, you seemed to have successfully made it into the dress. You turned to him and smiled.

“How do I look?”

“Ravishing” He replied rubbing over his chin and replacing his usual menacing glow with one much less terrifying. You walked over to the bed and sat down again while exchanging silence with Eddie. What had you gotten yourself into?

“ wedding um...Will it be private?” You asked hoping that there would be no  unexpected moaners or screaming inhabitants.

"I don’t think my relatives will be coming, neither will yours. But I did manage to tie some of those crazy variants up. Ah, Darling, it’s never the matter.” He kneeled before you and took your hands, “That’s the price we pay for hasty weddings.” His hands held yours tightly squeezing a bit too hard for you to be comfortable, so you wiggled your fingers a bit,“You have no idea how eager I am to consummate our love.” He moved his hand over your middle and spread his long and thick fingers over your abdomen.

You were almost flattered. Which disturbed you. In your coherent state he was absolutely terrifying, but when he spoke to you softly it was almost more than bearable. His hand covered all of your middle--He was so large! Everywhere.
While you continued to examine him, you noticed his wrists had lacerations that had long since healed and were white with scarred skin.
Eddie seemed to be very dazed so he didn’t notice your staring, and for that you were grateful, As you recalled that had bothered him before but...Now perhaps he was too deep into his fantasy to notice. You touched his wrist and rubbed it until he looked at you.

“What is it, Darling?” He asked.

“Your wrists are...” You paused. Eddie finished for you.

“Scarred, yes.” He stood and walked away briskly,  “It happened when I was a child.”
You pulled your hand back to your chest and squeezed.

“What happened?” You watched him pace the room. He looked over to you and ran a hand through his hair nervously.

“They used to ask me all the time…Pester me about my past. I had a good life. I really really did.” He muttered under his breath. Who was they? You watched as he paced nervously, starting to begin some type of fit. It was dehumanizing to watch him babble about doctors and rapists so you stopped him after awhile.

“Then...” You shook your head, “If it’s’ll tell me. I won’t press you anymore.” You tried at comforting him. Perhaps taming the beast would lead to...Freedom? The thought almost made you feel guilty, “that’s how successful marriages work.” You were quiet and for awhile, so was he.

“I’m...I’m so happy.” He turned to you again and helped you stand, “Im happy that we see things so similarly.” Eddie grabbed you by the waist and hoisted you up so that he could see you eye to eye, and kissed your cheek.

“Agh-Eddie.” You squeaked as he squished you between his large and murderous arms.

“Haha, stop being so fragile.” He mused, crushing you for awhile longer. When Eddie did set you down, you felt a pang of normalcy. For a moment you felt as if this could be a normal day with...Maybe...Just maybe...Someone you felt feelings for, “And it will feel twice as good tonight, but twice as hard too.” He chuckled and winked at you.
And then the moment was gone replaced with a low, guttural feeling. One that made you shiver and cringe--even when his killer grip was no longer there.

“Eddie…” Your voice seemed scolding, even though that was not the tone in which you had first wanted to adhere. But it seemed as if that was the best option as he took warmly to it.

“No need to be modest, you will be mine. There's no going back now..” He said possessively, “I am the one person you can feel free around, Darling.” He ran a hand through your hair, making you shiver. You stopped his hand and put it back at his side.

“You know...It’s bad luck to see a bride before…” You ran your hand over the redder side of his face, and from that touch you both shivered, “Before the wedding... I just--”

Eddie grabbed your hand and stopped you before you could continue.

“No….I don’t want you running from me.” He warned. You put your hands on his face again, even though he squirmed when you did so, and proceeded to kiss him. He moaned quietly before you pulled away, “God damnit, (y/n) , if you so happen to even think of running?!” He grabbed your hair and pulled it.

“I don’t want any bad luck today, and I just want a shower.” You whispered trying to trying to win him over, “I’ll be ready...Just...Just after my shower ok?” You stroked his cheek with your free hand and wiped some blood that you gathered on your fingers on his vest, “Maybe you can shower too.” You began as he started to release you from his tight grasp, but upon receiving a disapproving look from Eddie, you added, "separately, of course."

“It won’t stop bleeding. I’ve tried.” He mumbled running a hand over his face.

“I can fix you up no problem,” You patted it softly. He shook his head at you as you led him down the hallways to the bathrooms. It was amazing how quickly one could adjust to the darkness of those dim halls.

“What happened to the bad luck?” He asked as you entered through a marked door. You blinked and shrugged about it.

“Let me clean you up.” You carefully moved him in front of the only light in the room, "And then I'll avoid looking at you till the wedding, ok?" You asked. He nodded.

Oh that face...It was pretty messy to look at, and you tried to conceal your emotion as you turned on the water. He watched you carefully, making sure you didn’t flinch as you looked at him. But even though he was skeptical, Eddie seemed to be hypnotized watching a woman dote on him. You had picked up a washcloth and quietly dabbed away all the blood you could until all that was left were open sores. It was a terrifying ordeal.

“See? They won’t heal.” He mumbled quietly, “I’m hardly fit for a wedding.” He finished with a sigh.

“A face is nothing but a mask.” You whisper, “And your’e….Quite distinct, mask or no mask.” You set the washcloth down and looked at him. There was no more blood on his face, but it almost looked as if he was a burn victim…

“Did you just insult me?” He asked.

“If I did I’d be very dead.” You uttered under your breath. Eddie chuckled at you.

“I don’t kill loyal women”

You asked him softly about the unloyal ones, and he only said that it was not a modest woman’s place to ask. You nodded quietly and continued to pat away at his face now with a dry cloth.

“Its scary here,” You whispered through the dimly lit room.

“Don’t worry, Darling. Soon after we’re married, we’ll move far far away from this place.” He rubbed the back of your head and smiled,
“We will have a wonderful family and a quaint little house made of brick. It will be in a lovely neighborhood with happy families and barbeque in the air...It will be...It...It will be perfect.”

Your heart lept to your throat at his words. This man...He had more crazy in him that you had anticipated. Had he actually imagined a life with you? In this short amount of time?

At your silence to his words, Eddie tilted your chin up and leaned in, pressing his lips warmly to yours. His moan was quiet and delicate, but his grasp on you was less than gentle. Your hands pressed against his chest as if to deny him any advances on you, but he took it as modesty.

“I understand you’re shy today...But don’t worry, we will be married and--” He was cut off by you pressing yourself firmly to his lips.

“I'll try to adjust." You whispered. Eddie smiled at your words in a grim sort of way as he stood. He left with a warning of being hung if you tried to run. You said nothing and watched him leave, and the moment he was gone you were in tears. Just what had you done in your life to deserve this? You clawed at the back of your dress and released yourself from its grasp, being happy you could breath again.

Your hands fumbled with the dials in the shower stall until at last it had began to run.
The shower water was cold but you didn’t care as you scrubbed away at every inch of yourself. There was a soap dispenser on the wall that was thankfully full. After many minutes of cleaning and standing aimlessly in thought, the water started to to run even more rigid that before, and so you stopped.

The dress was even harder to pull on when you were wet. And for a moment you thought you had ripped it’s zipper, but to your avail, it was only the sound of it rubbing against something else on the dress. How would you get the damn thing on you correctly alone? You couldn’t it was impossible, you decided.
When you poked your head out the door looking for Eddie, you found he was not there, but the door directly beside the one you opened had his voice singing inside of it. He could clearly be heard alongside the shower water that patted loudly within the room.

You held up your hand to knock but hesitated. Could you really run? You looked off to the side and saw the clear hallway, and upon that, made a decision.

You moved quickly and quietly past all of the bloody mannequins and dresses in the place. Eddie had done all of this, you thought, that man was beyond insane! Your fast jog turned into a full on sprint when you heard footsteps off in the distance that seemed to be increasing speed as well. Had he found you!?
When you looked back you could not see a thing, but when you turned forward, you bumped into something--or more accurately: someone.

“Umph.” You fell backwards and scrambled further away from the tall and sturdy bystander.

“Are you a woman?” The seemingly coherent voice asked you.

“Y-yes? You’re not Eddie? Who are you?!” You whisper-screamed at him through the seemingly impenetrable darkness.

“Shh.” His dark form leant you a hand, “There’s no time for names.” He pulled you up, and when you were face level, you saw his video camera. It had the night-vision on, allowing some type of navigation through the black asylum. But the moment you thought you might have been able to escape, a loud, not too far away voice pierced the air--

Gluskin Part 4
Here's a long chapter to make up for my laziness. Enjoy!
Fanfic postponed for a week due to being so busy! Im sorry if this upsets anyone...But i'll tell you this much--It won't be pretty!!! 
Fanfic postponed for a week due to being so busy! Im sorry if this upsets anyone...But i'll tell you this much--It won't be pretty!!! 

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